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Ordering instructions:

  1. If you are purchasing a base cup to be custom designed, choose which cup you would like decorated from the list below.

  2.  Please determine if you want a glitter style cup, a fabric wrapped cup, or a cup decorated with inks, paints, or dyes. If you wish for your cup to have a glitter design or a fabric wrapped design, please select your chosen style from the drop down menu.

  3. In the next box, please describe how you would like your cup to be designed. List any colors or specifications you have for your order.

  4. If you wish to include any extra add-ons, please add them to your cart from the shop. You may describe your add-on preference when you make your selection.

  5. Once you have made all of your selections and all of your items are in the cart, proceed to checkout. Thank you and enjoy!

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